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All types of Booking are catered for. We accept booking for wedding, hen night, stag night, office parties, Christmas parties and any other special occasion.

For all reservation enquiries please call 01273 278185.


Welcome to the Mascara Restaurant

Transport yourself back to your favourite place in Morocco and then go and experience it again in MASCARA Restaurant.

MASCARA is an authentic North African Restaurant with a Moroccan décor and serving delicious dishes. Exotic spices wafting through the kitchen, and the rhythms of Moroccan music filling the air, you'll feel transported to another land. Pull up a cushion, relax, and prepare for a truly memorable dining experience. Mascara is the perfect place for a romantic evening out, fun with friends or family, celebrating a birthday, or any other special event. Belly dancing has been a form of entertainment for many centuries. The dance helps provide the dinner with an unforgettable evening. With the lively entertainment, friendly service, good food and reasonable prices, MASCARA has something for just about everyone...

12:00pm to 2:30pm